Welcome Dr. Linda Lukacs

Dr. Linda Lukacs
Dr. Linda Lukacs

Dr. Linda Lukacs (pronounced Lucas) joined our practice in November 2016.

She brings a strong background in diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders as well as experience in oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnea.

Although she has an exceptional academic foundation she also brings with her the caring attitude that you would expect from a person who was a registered nurse before entering dental school.

I look forward to her adding to our available days and hours to help us serve an even greater number of patients.

Linda Lukacs, RN, DDS

Dr. Linda Lukacs graduated from New York University in 2000. While in dental school she was inducted to OKU, the dental honor society and was the recipient of the prestigious NYU Goldberg Pediatric and Orthodontic Award for Excellence. Dr. Lukacs currently works in our office 2 days a week and is also a tenured Professor of Dental Hygiene, lecturing in Pathology, Pharmacology, Head and Neck Anatomy, and a number of other courses at our local dental hygiene program.

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