Here is what to expect at your first visit

Your initial exam lasts about 90 minutes. Dr. Halligan starts by reviewing your dental and medical history, your symptoms and complaints. Then he does a clinical exam which includes checking all of your head and neck muscles, tendons and ligaments. We take x-rays of your jaw joints and then Dr. Halligan performs a computerized check of your bite, known as a T-Scan.

We also analyze your joint noises with a computer (joint vibration analysis, or JVA). He positions sensors in front of your ears and has you open and close your mouth to help him understand the noises in your joint. Joints that aren’t operating normally make certain signatures or patterns of noise that he is able to analyze.

After he collects all this information, he will discuss your diagnosis and present treatment options and recommendations.

We look forward to serving you.

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    Dear Dr. Halligan & Andrea,

    It's really hard for me to put into words how thankful & blessed I am for your help & treatment for the past year. I remember how discouraged & sad I felt & I'm so happy now that I'm way better!

    My jaws are doing well & I'm still always careful of what I chew. My braces are coming off soon! You guys are always so sweet & nice. It was truely amazing having you guys as my TMJ specialists. Both of you are very encouraging & I thank you for everything you've done for me & my jaws!

    God Bless & Merry Christmas!

    Elise W.

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