Retirement Is On The Horizon

Dr. Halligan
Dr. Halligan

July 5th 2020. Summer’s here, the coronavirus is still with us, though hopefully on the run, and most practices are not only back but thriving. After a couple of months of shut down, my practice also reopened, on May 18th in my case. Certainly we could easily have come back fully booked and busy almost immediately. My wife and I have reached the decision however, that it is time to taper down and sometime in the next few months to close. It’s with a great deal of gratitude that I am announcing that retirement is around the proverbial corner. The practice is still open, though on a limited basis, and I am seeing current and established patients only. I am not accepting new patients.

The practice was established a little over 18 years ago and has been supported by many local dentists as well as ENTs, chiropractors, and general physicians. Some of you reading this are among the most well-regarded in your profession. Certainly among dentists who have referred to this practice over the years, I have been most impressed by obvious professionalism and dedication. I feel honored and grateful that you chose to trust me with your referrals.

I expect to remain in the practice for at least several more months, but the time is approaching for me to begin another phase. Curious as to what that might be? Yes, me too. Maybe an update will appear here. Meanwhile, I am not out of here just yet but I did feel obligated to let all of you know that the gradual taper down has begun. Happy summer—even in this time of PPEs and other encumbrances. This too will pass. Carry on and thrive.

Bill Halligan


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