The Definitive Night Guard Book by William Halligan

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My Thoughts On This New 2019 Edition

My major objections to night guard use and design still remain, but over the years I have made some changes and so there are some new updates to the original book.

I would strongly encourage dentists NOT to jump to the night guard solution when what should really be done is a more detailed patient evaluation. Most of the time, the dentist will discover an occlusal problem that could be solved with careful equilibration or restorative dentistry. A patient with good occlusion including canine guidance will likely not need a night guard at all.

Hence the “bad idea” of the title. Does the patient require a night guard or is there a better solution for her symptoms or nighttime parafunctional habits?

And then there’s the “badly done” portion of the title. Less than 10% of night guards I see have anything approaching even occlusion and it’s common for me to see one side of the night guard hitting hard with little regard to getting the appliance even; even less often is there an attempt at canine guidance on the device.

If you still decide that a night guard is warranted, this book will help you make good design decisions, avoid key mistakes and plan the proper night appliance for each of your patients. After reading this you should be able to produce night guards that require far less adjustment and are much more comfortable for your patients.

So with that, let’s get into this new edition for 2019.

Thanks to all.

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