TMJ Help Starts Here

Dr. William Halligan

Based on your answers to the following questions, I can offer some guidance. If deeper assessment is required, I will send you a more specific set of questions. If I feel I can help you, I will offer my services to assist in the relief of your TMJ problem.

There is no charge to you for this preliminary evaluation. If further work is needed, I am happy to provide the following cost schedule.

TMJ services are priced at three different levels:

Level One: I may refer you to a qualified imaging center for joint scans. There will be a fee of $199 for me to evaluate your images and write a radiology report.

Level Two: May include models of your teeth, an MRI on disc, and/or other material sent to my P.O. Box for evaluation. Includes up to one hour of TMJ consult for $699.

Level Three: A Zoom meeting with you and your dentist for $1299 and an hour or more of consult time.

First things first. Send me the above form. Let’s begin your evaluation and find out where you are. I’ll let you know the next steps to take to address your TMJ issue and get you feeling better.

I look forward to hearing from you.

William Halligan

Optional: If you wish to send a photo of you pointing to your most painful area, please send it directly to my email.